Mystar Financial Solutions, Inc. provides help to families and individuals who feel overwhelmed by their debts. At Mystar we can assist with most debts, not just Credit Cards. Our trained and experienced counselors will review your debts and income and provide a Debt Management plan to fit your needs. We provide a FREE, no obligation consultation in our office or by phone at your convenience.

A Debt Management plan with Mystar can get you out of debt faster than you imagined since we will work with your creditors to reduce or eliminate interest charges and stop late and over limit fees on your Credit Cards in most cases. Medical Bills, Personal Loans, Collection Mortgages and Autos can also be handled in your plan. The benefits on these types of debts vary by creditor. However, Mystar will attempt to help in everyway possible to give you the opportunity to achieve Financial Freedom.

At Mystar you will deal with us and we will deal with your creditors. You will make a budgeted total monthly amount to cover the debts on your Debt Management plan and we will distribute the agreed amounts to your creditors monthly. You will continue to review your statements from your creditors as well as a statement from Mystar so that you can monitor your progress. You are free to make larger payments or payoff debts sooner as your financial situation improves. Our goal is your Debt Freedom.

If you feel you need help with your debts Mystar Financial Solutions can:

  • Reduce or Eliminate finance charges on Credit Cards (most cards)
  • Stop late and overlimit fees on Credit Cards (most cards)
  • One place to pay
  • A plan to get you out of DEBT
  • Peace of mind
  • Excellent Customer Service

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